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Our Company History

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Graybill, Bartz & Associates, Ltd. has been in the investment services business since 1969. In the early years, under the name of R.W. Graybill Ltd., Bob Graybill’s growth stock investment philosophy helped investors through insightful newsletters and individually managed accounts. Sharing the same philosophy, integrity and commitment to clients, Steven Bartz and Bob Graybill joined forces in 1996. The company’s name was changed to reflect this strong partnership.

Philip Karlson joined Graybill, Bartz & Associates, Ltd. as a principal in 2000 with primary responsibility for equity management and research. Since Steve’s passing in 2017, Phil has directed the firm’s investment management activities as President and Chief Investment Officer. Don Canfield joined the firm in 2004, adding over 25 years of investment management experience and depth to the leadership team. Don is a principal of the firm and also serves as the firm’s compliance and operations specialist.

As the firm’s fixed income holdings increased, we retained the services of a large institutional bond management firm in 2001 to monitor credit quality and consult on strategy. In February 2009 we hired Gary Dhein from that institutional bond firm to oversee the fixed income strategy for Graybill, Bartz & Associates, Ltd. Gary, now a principal of the firm, has implemented a Prime Brokerage Platform that allows us to obtain research and buy bonds from major bond providers across the United States.

Today, Graybill, Bartz & Associates, Ltd. is a well-respected investment management organization stressing capital preservation, growth, and close client relationships and service. Our clients include individuals, company pension and profit sharing accounts, as well as foundations and tax-exempt organizations. Within our client base, we have an expertise in working with physicians and other medical professionals.

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