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Strategy and Products

Graybill, Bartz & Associates employs a fundamental, research-driven approach to develop custom, diversified portfolios for our clients, which include individuals, pension and other retirement plans, as well as charitable foundations. Our initial meetings with clients help to determine the appropriate asset allocation for their portfolios. These meetings often include an aspect of financial planning that takes into account retirement goals, income needs and risk tolerance.

Over the past several years, we have expanded our portfolio management team and added to our investment products to better meet the unique needs of our clients. While all portfolios are customized to meet client goals and objectives, they generally fall into the following product categories:

Balanced Portfolio

This approach utilizes individual equity, fixed income, and other income-producing instruments to provide a balance between growth and income. We seek diversification through exposure to multiple asset classes including domestic and international equities from small to large capitalizations. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are used to gain diversified exposure to certain equity and fixed income asset classes. The asset allocation of our portfolios varies over time based on opportunities in the equity and fixed-income markets and can be customized based on client circumstances. Our Equity and Fixed-Income philosophies are explained in further detail in the following pages.

Income Portfolio

This approach is intended for that portion of a client’s assets for which income generation is the sole objective. Our fixed-income approach, which is described in the following pages, is combined with other income-generating securities, such as preferred stock and real-estate-investment-trusts, to generate a higher level of income while carefully mitigating risk. Again, asset allocation for this strategy varies among clients based on income needs and risk tolerance.

Mutual Fund Strategy

This approach is intended for that portion of a client’s assets for which adequate diversification among many asset classes can best be achieved through the use of mutual funds. Often, these accounts represent a portion of a client’s assets that are segregated for tax or estate purposes, such as in IRAs or trusts. Our goal with this strategy is to build well diversified portfolios using many different mutual funds and with an asset allocation that is similar to that of our larger balanced portfolios.


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